Does Your Child Know "The Facts"?

Fact #1:  What are the signs of an unhealthy or dangerous dating relationship?

Fact#2:  Does your child know how to minimize her risk of contracting HIV/AIDS or other STD's?

Fact#3:  Does your child know her strengths and have short & long term goals?

Fact#4Can your child tell you how to resist sexual pressure and remain abstinent?

Did you know that according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), that 1 in 4 teenage girls has a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)? 

The Facts of Life Agency was created to offer assistance to parents and community organizations that need help educating
adolescent girls about "The Facts of Life"

The Facts of Life Agency offers services that teach adolescent girls about personal stregnths,

prevention, and "The Facts of Life"!

We offer services that support girls and their parents through the adolescent years.

Check out the services link to find out more!

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